Our Team


Mary-Claire Kelly

Commercial Director

Mary Claire is the Commercial Director for Reach Group and has worked with the company for over 12 years. She led the creation of Reach Merchandising and has developed a broad and detailed understanding of the business and its clients ever since. Mary Claire is a graduate of DCU and holds a degree in Business.

Email: m.kelly@reachmerchandising.ie

Tel: 085-7186678


Davina Milligan

Commercial Manager

Davina has worked with Reach Merchandising for 3 years since returning from living in Switzerland. Prior to her travels, Davina worked for the Reach Group so has been close to the business for almost a decade. She is passionate about detail and brings an energetic and fun approach to delivering success for our clients. She is a graduate of Business from Dundee Business School.

Email: d.milligan@reachmerchandising.ie

Tel: 087-6220312


Grace McPhail

Operations Manager

Grace has worked with the Reach Group for over 10 years in various functions, more recently as Head of Operations with a special focus on Reach Merchandising.  Grace drives the strategic vision across all processes within the business but her eye for detail is vital when interpreting the needs of our clients and delivering a successful execution.

Email: g.mcphail@reachmerchandising.ie

Tel: 087-2516118


Alison McCormack

Merchandising Manager

Alison has spent ten years with Reach and as Merchandising Coordinator has helped to build a first class field team with whom she has excellent working relationships. Alison is a skilled data analyst and will interpret and report on the different data and feedback from the field in a concise and relevant way. Alison has a Higher National Diploma in Business Studies.

Email: a.mccormack@reachmerchandising.ie

Tel: 085-7363569


Breda Howard

Field Services Executive

Breda is the Field Services Executive for Reach Merchandising and has worked for Reach Group for the last 20 years. She is an expert in visual merchandising and specialises in training our field sales team. She works closely with our clients and understands their needs to drive sales on new products and promotional offers.

Email: b.howard@reachmerchandising.ie