We recognize that market intelligence is an invaluable tool for all brand owners. With over 200 people in the field, we can provide you with instant access to critical market data on your brand and your competitors. Our advanced real-time reporting enables merchandisers to capture critical information at store level throughout the country and instantly feed this back to support timely decision making. It also acts as a facility for demonstrating work completed.

Our tailor made reports can be optimised to suit any merchandising requirements including;

  • Text feedback
  • Barcode scanning
  • Stock Take
  • Time Capturing
  • Audit Reports
  • Options available
  • Store selection by area
  • Multiple question options
  • Multimedia capturing

The key advantages of using this service are:

  • Speed and efficiency with flexibility for instant data updates.
  • Exporting instant data for viewing.
  • User friendly system for both client and fieldworkers for fast merchandising reports.
  • The tool operates off secured handset provided by Reach Merchandising / all reports password protected